Welcome to the Centre for Core Studies

The Centre for Core Studies (PPT) was established with the aim of offering the required University Compulsory (WU) courses for all undergraduate students at USIM.

Established in 2004 as the Unit of General Studies (UPU), it was then upgraded to a Centre for General Studies (PPU) in 2006. The PPU was then renamed the Center for Core and International Studies (PPTA) in 2009 with the additional function of international student management.

The PPTA was renamed the Centre for Core Studies (PPT) in 2010. The reorganization of the centre was subsequently implemented in 2014 with the English Language Unit (UBI) and the Arabic Language Unit (UBA) relocating to the Faculty of Language Studies.

In line with the evolving times and branches of knowledge, PPT now has only two units, including University Compulsory Courses under the General Curriculum (MPU) of the Ministry of Education Malaysia and USIM Compulsory Courses.

The year 2018 saw the comprehensive implementation of university compulsory courses for all Bachelor Degree programs at USIM, and PPT was tasked with managing all University Compulsory courses (Groups U1-U3) in accordance with the National Philosophy of Education:

Education in Malaysia is an ongoing effort to further develop the potential of a holistic and integrated individual to create a harmonious and balanced human being intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically based on trust in and obedience to God. This effort is to produce Malaysians who are knowledgeable, skilled, virtuous, responsible and capable of achieving their own well-being and contribute to the harmony and prosperity of their community and nation.

Further details on the University’s Required Courses under the General Subjects, Ministry of Education Malaysia are as follows::